So I have finally taken the plunge and started my own Hunger Games blog!

I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating this, but I spend so much time posting on THG fansites that I figured I might as well post some of ramblings here as well.  Most of my posts will likely be revised versions of comments I post on other fansites.

To start, here are links to my guest blog posts on Victor’s Village.  (I also need to thank them for giving me the idea to use as a blog host!)

The Movies Are Not Meant for YOU – originally posted August 24, 2012
(in which I point out that the movies are NOT books on tape with pictures)

Haters, Sheep, and the True Fan – originally posted September 12, 2012
(my take on the question of what makes a “true fan” in the context of THG fandom)

Will the Real Katniss Everdeen Please Stand Up? (Part 1) – originally posted December 11, 2012
(pretty much what the title says; an attempt to clear up some controversies about Katniss’s character and personality.  Part 2 should be posted soon!)