(This was originally posted in reply to a hilarious Victors Village post mocking Hollywood rumors about Josh Hutcherson’s romantic life, titled, “Josh Hutcherson, P.I.M.P.” It’s been edited a bit.)

Let me take this opportunity to say, that I do NOT want Josh and Jen to hook up a la Rob and Kiersten. Since it seems even some usually level-headed people in the fandom responded to the news that Jen had broken up with her boyfriend, with “oh, now that she’s free, wouldn’t it be cool if she got together with Josh?”

No, it wouldn’t be cool. Well, scratch that. It would only be cool if they wound up married with two kids like Katniss and Peeta.  If they broke up, or were embroiled in a scandal like Robsten were, it wouldn’t be cool at all. If cynical people decide that they’re just together for the publicity, that (while somewhat ironic) also wouldn’t be cool. Besides, wasn’t Jen also “rumored” to have something going on with Bradley Cooper?  J-J shippers, get ready for “Bradifer” shippers from SLP to invade and attack!

Now, I understand that Hollywood romantic leads having real-life romances has been going on (often even if one or the other already had a partner, or was even married) for a long time. So I’m not saying that if it DID happen, I’d accuse either Jen or Josh of anything scandalous. BUT, I’m sure nor expecting or hoping it would happen. People have enough time getting this whole fantasy vs. reality thing down, as it is.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, here’s a prior Victor’s Village post with the same sentiment