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Richard III, uncle of Elizabeth of York, great...

Richard III, uncle of Elizabeth of York, great uncle of Henry VIII (Photo credit: lisby1)

So today, LG released, though the Capitol.PN Facebook page, a poster meant to be produced by the Capitol to promote the Victory Tour.  It features a very airbrushed Katniss and Peeta who are both dressed in white, and Katniss (who doesn’t look very happy to do so) is holding a bouquet of white roses.  I’m pretty sure the roses are meant to represent President Snow and the control he is trying to assert over Katniss during the Victory Tour.

Not too long ago, the bones of King Richard III were found under a parking lot.

(See this link: Richard III’s Remains Found In Council Car Park (

What in the world does this have to do with President Snow and The Hunger Games trilogy?  A lot, I think.

If you’re a fan of British history, or even if not, you may recall the “War of the Roses”, in which the House of York and the House of Lancaster fought over who had a better claim on the throne of England.  King Richard III was the last king who reigned from the House of York, he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field by forces of a certain Henry Tudor (from the House of Lancaster), who went on to become King Henry VII – the father of the infamous King Henry VIII.  The symbol of the House of York was…drumroll…a white rose! Continue reading


Hi everyone!  Just a quick post to share that I have another guest blog post up on Victor’s Village, titled, Is It REALLY In The Books? Fanon vs. Canon

Also, I’d like to “revise and extend” my remarks about the Fanon that “When Peeta has a flashback, he experiences everything he did during his initial episode of tracker jacker venom induced psychosis…including his homicidal thoughts and behavior toward Katniss.” My main point of contention with this in my VV post, is that I just don’t see it as consistent with Peeta’s character that he’d let himself be around Katniss if he was having flashbacks that led to him attacking her every week or so, as many post-MJ fanfics have it.

I’ll add here, that I think this interpretation also takes away from the painful journey SC shows him undergoing in MJ.  Especially the version that has him falling back into the delusion that Katniss is a mutt.  That totally takes away from the important of the moment of epiphany that he has after watching himself attack Katniss on TV, that “I’m the mutt, I’m the monster”.  Note that while SC shows him struggling with “shiny memories” after this, he never again loses control and attacks Katniss.  This is way before he gets plugged back into any kind of professional psychiatric support.  Why would he be doing worse AFTER he actually gets professional help?  Basically, this version of post-MJ Peeta means that Mitchell died for nothing.  And I don’t think that was SC’s intent.

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