Okay, the Capitol Portraits are out this week!  I’m not sure I’ll have time to add to this up tomorrow, so my take on what will likely be the Snow portrait may or may not be added later on. The portraits are available on many different fansites, but The Hob seems to be the best source right now in terms of site traffic and reliability.  (Though Mockingjay.net tends to get the most traffic, unfortunately they’ve been having server overload errors.)

Effie portrait; apparently, her outfit is based on an Alexander McQueen dress:


Caesar portrait:  The pink hair is a little different than the lavender hair mentioned in the CF book.  However, his eyebrows are definitely lavender!  Also, Caesar looks a lot more subdued in this picture than he did in THG.  I guess he has less to smile about this time, considering how serious the Pregame Interviews wind up being.


Haymitch portrait: Of course Haymitch would wear a T-shirt to a photo shoot!  Albeit, a very expensive designer one, I am sure.  I do like the subtle tonal changes from top to bottom on the blazer, and how the trend is reversed on the shirt.


Cinna portrait: Very cool and classy.  The leather-look jacket, reminds of the leather accents we saw on Peeta and Katniss’s clothesin the Victory Tour still released on Entertainment Weekly, what feels like eons ago!

Cinna_portrait               tumblr_mgdsbgy79F1qi04n6o1_500_zpsf4ecdfed

Katniss Portrait: Apparently, this was leaked prior to its intended release.  The BIG topic for debate is, WILL this be her wedding/interview  dress that turns into a Mockingjay dress? Or is it TOO obvious?  I can make a case either way, really.  Either this IS the dress, and the Mockingjay aspects got by the censors/Snow because the oblivious Capitol citizens voted for it, OR it is merely meant to foreshadow the actual wedding/Mockingjay dress we will see in the actual movie.


Beetee Portrait:  On the surface, the outfit looks like something out of a stereotypical nerd or geek’s wardrobe.  But a closer look at the vest and pants, show a design  that reminds me of a circuit board or computer chip, considering the green background with metallic lines. It actually reminds me of Nikola-Nickart’s Beetee photomanipulation art, which can be seen in original form at this link:


BEETEECAPITOLPORTRAIT_zps0164b9ea                tumblr_m9zsnyDqjh1qg8ggio1_500

My comments about Johanna, Peeta, Gale, and Finnick will be in a second post, since I have a lot to say about those!