First of all, here’s President Snow himself!


The creepiest thing about this one, to me, is the design of the chair legs that seems to include another likeness of Snow!  The outfit itself doesn’t seem to tell us a lot more about Snow, unfortunately.  (And has also been glimpsed in paprarazzi photos of the filming of the Quarter Quell announcement scene.) Some fans have stated that they find the gloves to be intimidating, but I didn’t.

I also wanted to add to the remarks for Finnick.  Fans on other sites have pointed out that his pants seem to be partly made out of sealskin, and evoked myths of selkies.  Selkies are mythical creatures that look like seals, but can shed their “seal-skin” and appear on shore looking like humans.  The myths come from Scotland, and are quite popular in the Orkney islands just to the south of Scotland. I found this to be an amazing insight, and certainly fitting for Finnick’s situation.

(For a great summary of the mythology, read this: )

Stranded Selkie

Stranded Selkie (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

I think Trish wanted to evoke not just the male Selkie myths, which basically just involve them seducing human women, but the female Selkie myths as well. Most of those myths are about human men capturing them by stealing and hiding their seal-skins, preventing them from returning to sea, and forcing them into marriage. The stories usually end with the selkie woman finding their seal-skins, and promptly putting it on and going back to sea, “abandoning” the human husband.

The legends made this seem almost romantic, but when you really think about it, this is actually about kidnapping and rape, and the selkie woman had every right to escape from her captor. In many of the legends the selkie woman actually has a selkie mate “back home” at sea, who she has been torn away from because of the human’s selfishness. Doesn’t this sound very close to the situation with the Capitol women, Finnick, and Annie?

The selkie legends also usually state that the kidnapped selkie woman LOOKS happy, and appears on the surface to be a model wife, but is still always yearning to return to sea. The look on Finnick’s face could definitely be interpreted as a wistful, “I will play my part in the Capitol, but I’ll always be yearning for my true home and love”.