Just a few little tidbits about me!  I am a thirtysomething “young professional” who fell headfirst into the Hunger Games fandom shortly before the movie release.  This blog will include spoilers for all three books (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) as well as the Hunger Games movie.

I am also a Harry Potter fan, and used to participate on fansites as “ilene”.

In this new incarnation, I have participated on multiple THG fansites, but I usually hang out at the Victor’s Village, the Hob, on Mockingjay.net, and the Hunger Games Fireside Chat.  I have had the honor of having several guest blog posts featured at the Victor’s Village.

Why do I call myself Satsuma?  Well, a “Satsuma” is a British term for the citrus fruit also called a mandarin, tangerine, or clementine orange.  (See here for a visual guide.)  The term comes up in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  The term is due to the fruit originally being grown in the Japanese province of Satsuma.  I do have Japanese ancestry, and I liked the way the word sounded.

You can also draw parallels between the rebellion that occurs in the THG series, and the historical Satsuma Rebellion in Japan during the Meiji Era.   The province of Satsuma was instrumental in ending the Edo Period by deposing the Tokugawa Shogunate military dictatorship, and installing a new government that was (theoretically) headed by Emperor Meiji.  However, the samurai of Satsuma later wound up rebelling against the new government, which they perceived as corrupt and ungrateful for their earlier service in war.  The rebellion also served as inspiration for the plot of The Last Samurai movie starring Kevin Costner and Ken Watanabe.

While the historical context is quite different from the rebellion that takes place in Mockingjay, the idea of people deposing one tyrannical government and installing a new one, then deciding to rebel against that one as well, does seem to have some similarities!

I am working on a Satsuma Hunger Games Manifesto about certain beliefs I have about the series, which seem to put me in the minority at times in the fandom. These include:

1. The movies are NOT merely “books on tape with pictures”.

2. Suzanne Collins is NOT a literary goddess who is above all criticism.

3. Katniss is NOT “Gale with tatas”.

4. Peeta is NOT a saint.  Though he does have some similarities to one (St. Peter the Apostle).

5. Peeta did not turn into Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, or Edward Cullen, at the end of the story.

6. Katniss did NOT really want the Hunger Games to continue under Coin (though on this one, fandom is likely fairly evenly split).

I’ll likely be adding to this list later!  Hope you find something interesting in my ramblings here!